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Aplicaciones Tecnológicas Global

Our business lines

Our business lines are structured in three categories: technology that we produce and export, technology that we distribute exclusively in Spain and technological outsourcing that we carry out for other companies.

Technology we produce

Smart technology developed by our R&D&i department and manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities. We export our technology to more than 100 countries through a local network of distributors.

Technology we distribute

An excellent technical, commercial and financial team to provide the best exclusive distribution support in Spain for leading brands in hospital technology and radiological protection.

Technological outsourcing

Our R&D and production teams at the service of other companies.

Technology we produce

The most complete technological range of services and products for the design, implementation and control of earthing systems:
Centralised earthing monitoring projects using distributed intelligent sensors.
Technological earth network projects
Geo-electrical studies
Exothermic welding for safer earth connections

New technologies for lightning storm safety through smart systems and devices:
ATSTORM: lightning storm detection system.
DAT CONTROLER SUPERVISOR: smart lightning protection system with continuous and remote supervision of the entire installation (self-test, impact control and earthing control).
DAT REMOTE: Lightning arrester with remote verification system
Smart surge protection devices

Technology we distribute

Exclusive distribution of hospital technology in general and particularly specialised technology in radiation oncology, electronic brachytherapy, oncological hyperthermia, SGRT and medical physics.
Brands we represent

Exclusive distribution of technology for dosimetry control and protection against occupational exposure to ionising radiation in industry, medicine and research.
Brands we represent

Technological outsourcing

We develop technology for third parties in specific projects where sensorization, measurement, data interpretation, algorithms, AI, communications, IoT or centralised monitoring is required.

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